The Oregon Court of Appeals' internal practices are on the web

By Lori Irish Bauman
August 6, 2007

The Oregon Court of Appeals recently released an update of its Internal Practices Guidelines.   According to a statement by Chief Justice David Brewer, "to save printing costs, avoid reliance on outdated materials, and more quickly circulate updates," the guidelines will be distributed primarily via the court's web site.

Also new on that site are the results of a March survey of the bench and bar on the quality of the Court of Appeals' work.  The results are overwhelmingly positive.  For example, 80.4% of respondents agreed that "the Court of Appeals' written opinions reflect thoughtful and fair evaluation of the parties' arguments." The lowest score -- with 63.1% agreement -- came in response to the statement that the court handles its caseload in an expeditious manner. 


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