After sales guarantee
The company closely follows the development trend of international professional wireless communication technology

A. XIEGU Communication’s commitment on customer service:  18    month warranty for the host; if the product have performance problems in 15 days after purchase, and the appearance is intact without scratches, customers can directly replace a new same product; the user will be responsible for shipping back the repairing product to customer service department.
Special explanation:
1) The warranty period for external power supply or built-in rechargeable battery is 3 months. If the repairing          power or battery sent back has obvious hard object damage, cracks, broken feet, serious deformation and power line breakage, broken wire, bare core and other damages, we will refuse to replace, and users can purchase it again separately;
2) The warranty and replacement is only limited to the host;
3) The product packaging, all kinds of connecting lines, technical information and gifts and other accessories are not within the scope of warranty and replacement;
4) In the free replacement period, the damaged product tested and confirmed by XIEGU Communication can be replaced with a same new quality product, and replaced defective parts will belong to XIEGU Communication; product without problem will be returned as original;
5) The repaired and replaced product from XIEGU Communication will enjoy another three months warranty on the basis of the rest original warranty;
6) If customer uses paid service, the same performance problem of the product will enjoy the free warranty for 3 months from the date of repairing, so please obtain and keep your maintenance voucher;
7) The cost of the postage for the repaired products is responsible by the sender in one way;
8) XIEGU Communication will do not assume any responsibility of other commitments made by the distributors beyond the scope of the warranty agreement.

B.  The following conditions are not included in the free warranty 
      range, but XIEGU Communication can offer paid services, which 
      need your attention please.
 1) Product failure or damage caused by not installing, using, 
      maintaining and keeping in accordance with the operation manual;
 2) Change and tear up product serial number or bar code stickers 
      without authorization;
 3) Products exceeded the warranty period;
 4) Products not match the product serial number or model on 
      warranty card;
 5) Unauthorized disassembling and maintenance without XIEGU 
     Communication’s permission;
 6) Product failure or damage caused by accidental factors or human 
      behaviors, such as the use of inappropriate power and antenna, 
      high temperature, water, mechanical damage, broken and so on;
 7) Product failure or damage caused by transportation, loading and 
      unloading during the process of returning;
 8) Other product failure or damage not caused by design, technology, 
      manufacturing, quality and other reason