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Portable Transceiver


High-performance RF front end 
SSB/CW/AM/ three working modes
1.8 inch high color TFT LCD
±24k bandwidth spectrum display, waterfall display
Software-defined narrow-band filter (CW mode can be as narrow as 50Hz), built-in CW decoder
Separable head design
Built-in standing-wave scanner
Built-in efficient automatic antenna tuner
Frequency range: Receiving: 0.5MHz~30MHz
Transmitting:1.8~2.0MHz 18.068~18.168MHz
         3.5~3.9MHz 21.0~21.45MHz
         7.0~7.2MHz 24.89~24.99MHz
        10.1~10.15MHz 28.0~29.7MHz
Operating mode: CW, AM, SSB
Minimum step: 10Hz
Antenna impedance: 50Ω
Scope of working temperature:  0°C ~ +50°C
Frequency stability:  ±1.5ppm in the 10~60min after startup 
@25°C: 1ppm/hour
Power supply voltage:   10.5~16.5VDC, negative electrode grounding
Current consumption: Receiving: 700mA@ Max
Transmitting: 6A@ Max
Frame size: 120*45*210mm (W*H*L) (excluding protrusions)
Weight: About 1.63kg (only host)
Transmitter parameters 
RF output power: 20W(SSB/CW)
                                 5W (AM carrier wave) @13.8VDC
Spurious suppression:  ≥50dB
Carrier suppression: ≥40dB
Microphone impedance:  200~10k (600Ω in general)
Specification & Parameters
Receiver parameters
Circuit type: ZIF
Neighbor channel suppression:  ≥60dB
Sideband suppression:  ≥60dB

                     (PRE=on, ATT=off, NB=off, NR=off, SSB/CW/AM=10dB S/N)
Mirroring suppression: 70dB
Midband suppression: 60dB
Audio output: 0.5W (8Ω, ≤10% THD)
Audio output impedance: 4~16Ω
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