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GSOC universal controller is a terminal product used for external extension control of X5105 and G90/G90S. It can be used for radio host control. More importantly, it can be extended into many advanced functions and usages, improving the device maneuverability and playability.

GSOC consists of a baseband processing unit and an SDR receiving unit, which is capable of receiving and processing IF signals and IQ signals and finally displaying relevant contents (such as frequency spectrum, waterfall plot and demodulation information) after 24bit-ADC sampling and processing. GSOC is featured by diversified external interfaces and strong extended functions, which is capable of satisfying the present demands for network operation and Bluetooth control. Certainly, you can also operate all radio functions directly through the operating mode of touch control. GSOC allows you the experience of large screen and wide frequency spectrum and to keep everything under control!

Extension of spectrum and waterfall functions

Common advanced function extension, such as digital noise reduction, digital filter, etc.

7" color touch LCD display

Automatic voice call and preset message storage & sending

Support keyboard and mouse control

Support external Bluetooth WIFI adapter

Dual-core application processor, large memory

Support full functional control of X5105, G90 and G90S




Please read the Operation Manual carefully for a better experience and full understanding on operation of the GSOC.

Parameter Specification

Applicable model: X5105、G90、G90S Operating temperature scope: 0°C ~ +50°C

Specification Parameter

Frequency stability: ±1.5ppm in the 10~60min after startup
                            @25°C: 1ppm/hour

Supply voltage: 10.5~16.5VDC, negative electrode grounding 
Current consumption: 600mA @ Max

Display screen resolution: 1024*600 
Touch screen type: Capacitive

Spectral sensitivity: -120dBm ± 3dB

Audio output: 0.5W (8Ω, ≤10%THD)
Earphone output impedance: 16~32Ω

Frame size: 225*123*45mm (excluding projection) 
Quality of the complete machine: About 1.2kg (only host)

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