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CN-20 Adapter is a device for connecting the 817/818 to the XPA125B.

Different types of adapters correspond to different radio equipment, please pay attention to distinguish the model description.

The CN-20 diagram is as follows:

Manual mode connection instructions:


1. Inserting the 8-pin butted line into the "FORM FT-817" port of CN-20 and the other end into the ACC port of the FT-817.

2. Inserting the 6-pin butted cable into the "TO XPA125B ACC" port of CN-20 and the other end into the ACC port of XPA125B.


Thus, connection of the manual mode be completed , please note:

1. In manual mode, it is necessary to manually switch the frequency band of XPA125B to the current working frequency band of FT-817;

2. Non-amateur frequency bands cannot be transmitted;




Automatic mode connection description: (At present, the automatic mode is not activated, we may activate this function in the future firmware upgrade)


On the basis of the manual mode connection, inserting the 3.5mm stereo butted line into the "TO XPA125B COMM" port of the CN-20 and the other end into the COMM port of the XPA125B.

The CN-20 adapts the PTT signal of the FT-817 and adapts the ALC signal transmitted by the radio. The output power of the XPA125B can be automatically controlled by the FT-817. Achieve power amplification and control.

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