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Portable,SDR,QRO,CW trainer

The new generation G1M (SDR version) is a 5W portable QRP model with SDR structure. Its core is based on 16bit-CODEC sampling and has excellent performance. The newly added AM broadcast reception capability allows you to listen to news broadcasts from around the world; the 800Hz narrowband CW digital filter makes transmission easier and clearer.

As an entry-level SDR portable, G1M (SDR version) will provide you with as many new technology experiences as possible.
      In order to better experience the Rig, please read this manual carefully before use to fully understand the operation of G1M.

Basic Features:

High performance SDR core circuit design

New spectrum display function

Added AM broadcast receiving mode

Added CW Trainer function (supports full insertion)

Adaptive speech noise reduction

HF continuous reception

Support for amateur data communication

Support computer online control


Receiving frequency: 0.530MHzContinuous

Transmitting frequency 3.54.0MHz




Operating mode     SSB/CW/AM(AM Used only to receive broadcasts)

Receiving sensitivity   0.45uV @12dB SINAD

Transmit power     5W @13.8V DC

Spurious suppression ≥45dB

Frequency stability   ±1.5ppm 30 minutes after turning on the power

Audio output power 0.5W

Operating Voltage     1215V DC

stand-by current     0.5A @Max

Transmitting current     2.5A @Max

Case size:     97*40*155 (mm)

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